OC World Announces New Collaboration with UCI’s Center for Educational Partnerships

October 10, 2023

OC World is proud to announce a new partnership with UCI’s nationally and internationally recognized Center for Educational Partnerships.

The Center’s leader, Dr. Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Partnerships, and Dr. Manuel Gomez, Co-Founder of OC World, have agreed to initiate a special program that will provide professional level internship experiences to UCI students interested in pursuing careers in media and communications.

Selected students will have a unique Orange County based opportunity to engage in professional learning across the entire spectrum of OC World multi-media productions. Opportunities from research to news/narrative writing, from filming to editing and to final broadcast of OC World to 15.5 million viewers from Santa Barbara to San Diego over the KLCS-PBS channel.

“This exciting new partnership will connect UCI to our broader community in a powerful new way, allowing the public to access the latest advances in knowledge and public engagement opportunities across the campus from Science and Health to Humanities and the Arts. This partnership will also create valuable learning opportunities and paid internships to support the success of students interested in media and communications from all disciplines.” said Dr. Reyes-Tuccio.

“This new partnership will open up possibilities and opportunities for UCI students to learn from an internship experience with a professional media organization, right here in Orange County,” said Dr. Gomez. “We want to extend our deep appreciation to Dr. Reyes-Tuccio for her vision and leadership.”

Dr. Reyes-Tuccio will be the opening speaker at OC World’s “Sponsors Appreciation” event 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday 18 October at The Cove UCI. Reservations required.