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October 29, 2023

Surviving the Trauma of Relationship Violence

Delve into a deeper understanding of the challenges, experiences, and resources for those affected by relationship violence in OC World’s newest program — “Surviving the Trauma of Relationship Violence” featuring Maricela Rios-Faust, CEO of Human Options. Gain insights into the emotions and experiences of those who lived through the cycle. The intergenerational impact leaves lingering trauma for victims and their children. Listen to professionals in the field as they describe the long-term implications. Understand this complex issue that transcends all cultures.

OC World Event Marks Two-Year Anniversary

OC World, Orange County’s sole public affairs news and features program, recently celebrated its two-year anniversary by recognizing major supporters and friends of the nonprofit media organization. Held at The Cove UCI, the event included presentations tied to the county’s current media landscape by Co-Founder/Co-Producer Dr. Manuel Gomez, Community Philanthropist Keith Swayne, and President/CEO Orange County Community Foundation Shelley Hoss.

Introduced at the event were OC World’s sponsors: Wells Fargo Bank, Singleton Foundation, and Farmers & Merchants Bank for their 2023-2204 support of OC World.

OC World Co-Founder and Executive Producer Scott Hays said, “OC World is grateful for the significant support we’ve received over the past two years in support of our new nonprofit media model helping us to educate and inform the community of Orange County about issues of significance in their lives.”

The Cove at UCI featured multi screens showcasing OC World sponsors: Marisla Foundation, Keith & Judy Swayne Family Foundation, Orange County Community Foundation, Ernesto & Socorro Vasquez Family Foundation, Cordoba Corporation, and the Living Peace Foundation were recognized for their support of OC World.

Video testimonials were presented by Rick Reiff, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and long-time PBS SoCal personality; Jeff Ball, CEO Orange County Business Council; Mechelle Lawrence Adams, Executive Director Mission San Juan Capistrano, Beto Bedolfe, Executive Director Marisla Foundation, and Kelly Hallman, Living Peace Foundation.

‘OC History Hunters’ Makes Debut With
John Moorlanch and Chris Epting

In the pilot episode scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday 6 November, viewers will accompany John Moorlach and Chris Epting as they embark on a quest to uncover the untold tales of Orange County’s baseball history. With their unwavering determination and extensive knowledge, Moorlach and Epting reveal a plethora of hidden gems—including captivating stories surrounding legendary figures such as Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, and many others.

“There is so much rich history to uncover in Orange County – from Mission in San Juan Capistrano to the Old Courthouse in Santa Ana and the award-winning vineyards in Anaheim,” says Moorlach. “The pilot episode starts with a topic that Orange Countians will appreciate, its rich contribution to baseball history – starting with Babe Ruth in the county playing an exhibition game during the heyday of his professional baseball career to having the first American League Major League baseball team in California.”

“This show is a labor of love for both John and me,” says Epting. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share Orange County’s rich history with viewers and shed light on the remarkable stories that have often been overlooked. OC History Hunters’ is our way of giving back to this incredible community and showcasing its extraordinary heritage.”

OC History Hunters” is a production of OC World.

LA Times B2B Magazine Publishes
Orange County Visionaries Edition

Kudos to OC World Founder / Executive Producer Scott Hays for his mention in the B2B “Orange County Visionaries” magazine 2023, which circulates to roughly 40,000 Orange County readers of the Los Angeles Times. Also honored were Maricela Rios-Faust, CEO Human Options; Daniele C. Struppa, President Chapman University; and Tammy Tumbling, EVP, COO & Founder Orange County Community Foundation African American Alliance Fund. To read and share the digital version of the Orange County Visionaries magazine, click here.

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