TGR Foundation Champion for Education

November 19, 2023

Discover the unlimited possibilities of the TGR Foundation in our upcoming feature, Champions for Education. Learn about the TGR Learning Lab, offering unique educational experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math and its impact on students. Hear from influential players and gain knowledge about innovative new programs in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The program airs on KLCS PBS on Monday, November 20th. If you can’t watch the live program subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit our program archive.

From News Desert to Non-Profit
Dr. Manuel Gomez Shares the Values and Victories
of OC World

Delve into the article “Hard Hitting Support for Local News,” published in Orange Coast magazine, spotlighting Manuel N. Gomez. In reflecting on his involvement with OC World, Gomez shares what drew him to OC World, the value of local news in holding communities together. Orange County might be the biggest news desert in the nation, underscoring the importance of local news that is respectful to guests and responsible to our viewers. Gomez explains, “I want our programs to be able to strengthen the bonds of community rather than to divide and weaken them as so much our polarized corporate news tends to do.” In a divisive environment, the nonprofit multi-media model might be how to maintain high-quality journalism.

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Laguna Beach’s Stu News Commemorates OC World

Laguna Beach’s Stu News celebrates OC World’s two-year anniversary. Co-Founder and Executive Producer Scott Hays shares, “OC World is grateful for the significant support we’ve received over the past two years in support of our new nonprofit media model helping us to educate and inform the community of Orange County about issues of significance in their lives.”

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