Nadia Davis-Lockyer

2024-04-08T14:12:27-07:00April 8, 2024|

The rise and fall of Nadia Davis-Lockyer represents one of the most tumultuous stories in California political history. In her book – “Home is Within You” – she details her saga of pain, trauma, addiction, fear, and public shaming, and how it has taken her years to reach a place of recovery and redemption. OC World continues to bring diverse voices of OC to communities throughout Southern California.

The Power and Awe of Music

2024-04-08T14:15:47-07:00April 3, 2024|

“Playing for Change” was a viral video that roughly 20 years ago had a great message about the power and awe of music and philanthropy. It has been viewed more than 200 million times and it started with the great Ben E. King classic song "Stand by Me," and it featured musicians from around the world. OC World had the opportunity to interview two visionaries who continue to raise funds to support music and arts programs in schools both locally and globally... Alec Glasser, owner of the Drake Restaurant in Laguna Beach and founder of The Drake Gives, and Jake Groshong, CEO for the “Playing for Change” Foundation.

Siyamak Khorrami, Chief Editor of The Epoch Times (Orange County)

2024-02-02T01:41:05-08:00February 2, 2024|

Former state Senator John Moorlach interviews Siyamak Khorrami, Chief Editor of The Epoch Times (Orange County). The Epoch Times is affiliated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement and was founded in 2000 as a way to respond to communist repression and censorship in China, according to the company’s website. It’s described in certain political circles as a far-right media company but declares itself as free from any government or political influences. The Orange County edition of the newspaper has a circulation of roughly 16,000 readers.


2024-04-12T11:10:21-07:00February 1, 2024|

“Hope Dies Last” creates a narrative around the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on California communities, and the stories of families who find hope in the darkest of times. This OC World produced documentary was awarded Best Long Form Programming or Documentary at the 73rd Annual Golden Mike Awards® and was also the winner of the 43rd Gold Telly Awards.

The Bradley Rofer Foundation

2024-02-02T00:23:05-08:00February 1, 2024|

Longtime KNBC Orange County Bureau Chief Vikki Vargas serves as Guest Host for OC World on a story about The Bradley Rofer Foundation, a non-profit inspired by 8-year-old Bradley Rofer whose life was cut short after being struck by a vehicle on his way to school. Vikki interviews parents Aron and Josette Rofer, and others, about Bradley’s intuitive sense of giving back to the community. Maroon 5 singer-songwriter Adam Levine also pays tribute to the passing of Bradley.

OC’s Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Untold Secrets

2024-02-01T02:20:14-08:00January 22, 2024|

Exciting News for Rock ‘n’ Roll Enthusiasts! OC History Hunters, the captivating broadcast series by OC World, is back with its second episode – “Rock ’n’ Roll History of the OC”! Dive into the untold stories of Orange County’s rock legacy. Discover the birthplace of iconic bands like No Doubt and The Runaways, and even Elvis Presley’s secret martial arts training site! Get an insider’s perspective on the electric guitar legacy with John Moorlach’s interview at the Fender Museum Center and join Chris Epting on a quest to find the remnants of the legendary Golden Bear nightclub in Huntington Beach.

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